News in West Who

Defense Ministry Develops Predator Drone


Defense Ministry officials have begun to develop a West Who predator drone.  Defense Minister William Farr said, a drone would be of great value to the safety of the nation.  He noted that Congress had approved the West Who Space Agency SPEA to build a drone as part of the space program.  The National Police need an unpiloted aircraft as well.  Also know as an “unmanned aerial vehicle,” or UAV.  Drones are often used for security purposes.


William Farr defeated Isaac Muro to win a sixth term as President of West Who.  The Elections Department announced today that the general election electronic voting had closed and that Farr received 82% of the votes cast by West Who citizens.  Muro received 18% of the popular vote.  Also, elected to office was John Farr as Vice President, Shaurya Singh as Governor, Charlie Mora as Mayor of Whoville, Filippo Bagarolo and Timothy Schoonover were elected as West Who Senators and Andrew P. Harrod and Yato Gami were elected to the West Who House of Representatives.  The Elections Department said 30% of eligible voters cast ballots in the election.

Ellie Jane newest West Who Citizen

The newest citizen in the Republic of West Who is one week old Ellie Jane, the child of Senator L. Neiderer and Environment Minister M. Neiderer. Congratulations.  She is the first West Who child born in 2018.  Ellie was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, a healthy 6 lbs. 1 oz. baby girl.  Vice President John Farr and his wife traveled from Whoville to visit Ellie Jane and her parents.  “Absolutely beautiful” said Vice President Farr while holding the precious little baby.

Ellie Jane 1 week old 2018 (2).jpg

President Ticketed by Italian Police

Nation in an uproar over the incident.

WWN – A serious diplomatic breach of protocol occurred in Italy when transit police hassled and then ticketed West Who’s President.  Foreign Minister Michael Farr said, “We are outraged that Italian transit police ticketed the President.” President Will Farr was using public transportation in Rome when he was approached by two Italian transit police.  Farr took his ticket out of his pocket and moved to validate his ticket. One of the officials blocked his way and snatched the ticket out of the President’s hand.  The police then told the President he could pay them a 50 euro fine in cash or receive a ticket for 150 euro if he wanted to pay later. The President said he didn’t have the money.  The transit police walked him to an bank ATM machine where the President withdrew fifty euro and paid the fine.  He was given a receipt for his payment.

The Foreign Minister said, “This is another example of how macronations like Italy trample on the rights of small micronations like West Who.  We are very concerned that the leader of a friendly nation like West Who would be put through this situation.”  The Foreign Minister said the government would be lodging a complaint with the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Scientists Say Global Warming Has Ended

West Who Scientists Confirm That Global Warming Ended 16 Years Ago

WWN – The West Who Academy of Science has confirmed that temperatures on the earth’s surface have not increased in 16 years.  West Who scientists cited numerous reports and studies that confirm an end to global warming.  In a report issued by the Academy yesterday it said that global industrialization over the last 130 years has made little difference in the Earth’s temperature.  James Hansen, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies stated, “the five-year mean global temperature has been flat for a decade.”

American scientist Judith Curry of Georgia Tech University was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that it was clear that the computer models used to predict future global warming were deeply flawed.  West Who scientists confirmed that the climate scientists who have been predicting doom are flawed in their analysis.

Vice President Farr said West Who would not abide by the the Kyoto Protocol which is a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  The international treaty sets binding obligations on industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The UNFCCC is an environmental treaty with the goal of preventing “dangerous” human-induced interference of the climate system.  Farr said, “Like Canada we reject this treaty especially in light of the numerous studies showing that global warming is not occurring.”

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Save the Earth – West Who Citizens Urged to Conserve

WWN –  The West Who Academy of Science announced its main focus in conservation this year will be consumer conservation and animal conservation.  Academy Director Margaret Neiderer said “our efforts will be to focus public awareness on the four R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Recycle, Repair.  We want people to think about local purchasing, moral purchasing and the sustained, and efficient use of renewable resources.” The Director also said the Academy was greatly concerned about the decline of the world’s primates.  A report by the highly respected International Primatological Society, found that of the world’s 634 different kinds of primates almost 50 percent are in danger of going extinct.  The West Who Academy of Science noted this as a major concern.

However, on the positive side the BBC reported that two never-before described species of monkey have been found in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest and a new giant ape has been found by scientists in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The new giant ape is similar to a giant chimpanzee but behaves more like a gorilla.  Also a new species of monkey was discovered in India.  These remarkable finds shows that there is still much to discover and learn about biodiversity in general on our planet.