Current West Who Events

Congress Votes on Bill to Eliminate Representatives

The West Who Congress voted on a bill to close the House of Representatives and make the West Who Congress a unicameral legislature.  The bill West Who Bill #1 passed both Houses of Congress.  Included in Bill #1 is a provision to move the four current representatives to the Senate and make them senators.  Proponents of the bill said West Who is too small to have a two chamber legislature.  The vote was six in favor, zero opposed and one abstention.  Now the measure will be put to the entire nation for a vote.


Space Agency Purchases Low-Altitude Rocket

The West Who Space and Planet Exploration Agency (SPEA) announced that Congress supports its efforts to launch a rocket.  The Space Agency purchased a low power rocket, which is a small rocket designed to reach low altitudes (usually to around 100–500 m (300–1500 ft).  Such rockets are recovered by a variety of means.  SPEA Director K. Farr said, “a proposal to Congress for funds so West Who can launch a rocket and thus join the space race was accepted by Congress.  We are very excited.  The actual launch date will be determined by the Space Agency at a later time.”  A recent poll by the Whoville News showed that 90% of West Who citizens supported the government launching a rocket.  The poll also revealed that citizens said they would like to sample astronaut space food.

West Who Space Agency.png Sony Rocket Project.jpg