Current West Who Events

New West Who President

Vice President John Farr assumed the Office of the President of the Republic of West Who today. Farr who had served as president of West Who in the 1970s said he is just a caretaker leader until national elections are held in July.  He reassured the nation that the government was stable after the sudden departure of the previous President.  Farr said elections for a new president will take place and that he would not seek to run for President.

Vice President 2018.png

Congress Votes on Bill to Eliminate Representatives

The West Who Congress voted on a bill to close the House of Representatives and make the West Who Congress a unicameral legislature.  The bill West Who Bill #1 passed both Houses of Congress.  Included in Bill #1 is a provision to move the four current representatives to the Senate and make them senators.  Proponents of the bill said West Who is too small to have a two chamber legislature.  The vote was six in favor, zero opposed and one abstention.  Now the measure will be put to the entire nation for a vote.


Space Agency Purchases Low-Altitude Rocket

The West Who Space and Planet Exploration Agency (SPEA) announced that Congress supports its efforts to launch a rocket.  The Space Agency purchased a low power rocket, which is a small rocket designed to reach low altitudes (usually to around 100–500 m (300–1500 ft).  Such rockets are recovered by a variety of means.  SPEA Director K. Farr said, “a proposal to Congress for funds so West Who can launch a rocket and thus join the space race was accepted by Congress.  We are very excited.  The actual launch date will be determined by the Space Agency at a later time.”  A recent poll by the Whoville News showed that 90% of West Who citizens supported the government launching a rocket.  The poll also revealed that citizens said they would like to sample astronaut space food.

West Who Space Agency.png Sony Rocket Project.jpg