Holidays and Events in West Who


Republic Day – “Come Party With Us” is celebrated on July 11th.  This national holiday sparks lots of celebrations in the nation.  Dr. Suess Day on March 2 is a national day to encourage reading among children in West Who. Las Vegas Day is a moving holiday usually celebrated during the WWC Basketball Championship Playoffs in early March.  Meet Us at the Track – West Who horse racing month takes place in October at Santa Anita Race Track in California.  Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on November 28th.  Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.  The President’s Birthday is September 19th.



First blog post on Micronations

Why belong to a micronation?  When I was twelve or thirteen I thought it would be cool to have my own nation to run.  I thought I could do a good job running a country and it sounded like fun, maybe even important.  Now many years later that little country still exists.  The Republic of West Who is over 40 years old.  The main purpose of this blog site is to answer questions and help if possible others who want to establish their own countries.