About West Who

West Who Citizens Christmas Card

HISTORY of the Who’s

The Republic of West Who was established in 1969 by two students who created their own countries.  Named after the Who’s in “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss, the country has existed since 1969.  West Who has its own currency, government, news service and culture.  Led by President William Farr, West Who has one of the highest happiness index ratings in the world.  “Independent, Free and Fun” is the motto of West Who.  You can become a West Who citizen.  It’s easy.  Apply to the Department of Citizen Affairs.


West Who, officially the Republic of West Who, is a small self-declared country commonly known as a micronation. Having .02 acres of land, West Who is completely surrounded and landlocked by California. West Who is located 45 miles east of Los Angeles, California, USA. Established in 1969, West Who has a democratically elected government. Presidential elections are held yearly. The economy of West Who is supported financially by the sale of postage stamps and tourist mementos, fees for admission to its museum, and donations to the national treasury. West Who has a stable economy with one of the lowest unemployment rates among micronations, no national debt and a small budget surplus. West Who has a national currency – the West Who Dollar – which is pegged at 20 US cents. The Republic of West Who refers to itself as a “domestic dependent nation,” claiming status similar to Native American nations. Although not Native Americans, the citizens of West Who claim domestic dependent status, as a nation without national lands, except that which is owned by its citizens.

The Congress has thirty seats in the Senate. West Who has a unicameral legislature. The West Who Supreme Court has five members including a Chief Justice.



 Republic Day – “Come Party With Us” is celebrated on July 11th.  This national holiday sparks lots of celebrations in the nation.  Dr. Suess Day on March 2 is a national day to encourage reading among children in West Who. Las Vegas Day is a moving holiday usually celebrated during the WWC Basketball Championship Playoffs in early March.  Meet Us at the Track – West Who horse racing month takes place in October at Santa Anita Race Track in California.  Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on November 28th.  Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.  The President’s Day is September 19th.