Farr Elected in a Landslide

WWN- Whoville – West Who voters have overwhelming re-elected President William Farr to a fourth term in office as leader of the nation.  The Election Department reports that 72% of registered citizens had cast their vote for Farr.  “I believe the citizens of West Who are very satisfied with the job I have been doing for the nation”, said Farr after learning of the results.  Charlie Mora was elected for the second time as mayor of Whoville, the capital city.  Also re-elected was John Farr as Vice President and Kathy Bowman, Malik Hammad, Ron Hall as senators.  Senior West Who government leaders serve one year terms in office.  This is Farr’s fourth time to win the national elections.

Read more: http://www.westwho.com/news/president-farr-re-elected-in-a-landslide/

Foreign Minister Completes Asian Diplomatic Trip

Foreign Minister Michael Farr complete a four nation diplomatic outreach in Asia.  The Foreign Minister officially traveled to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Indonesia to build Republic of West Who relations.  This was the first time the Foreign Minister has traveled to Laos and Indonesia representing the government.  “West Who is serious about increasing its global reach.  We believe micronations have much to offer in foreign relations.  While it is unlikely that the countries I visited will recognize West Who anytime soon, we view each visit as a small step forward,” said Farr.

Michael in Vietnam 2016.jpg

President Appoints Chris Roberts as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

President Farr today announced at a press conference that he is appointing Justice Chris Roberts to a three year term as Chief Justice of the West Who Supreme Court.  The three year term of Thomas Gallager, the current Chief Justice, has expired.  “I want to thank Justice Gallager for his service on the high court.  His work has benefited the people of West Who” said the President.  Gallager will remain on the court as a justice.  The President said he was looking forward to working with the new Chief Justice and felt Roberts has much to offer our nation.

Chris Roberts.png Chief Justice Chris Roberts

International Micronation News

Republic of Isla Set to Establish a New Constitution

Officials for the government of the Republic of Isla announced that work is underway to produce a new constitution for the country.  Isla is a relatively new micronation and government leaders said a new constitution is extremely important for the nation.  “The Republic of Isla is devoted to peace around the world. As a micro nation we must united and spread peace”.

University Professor Visits Principality of Aigues-Mortes

Seventeen students from the University of Mainz in Germany and their professor Sandra Petermann visited the Principality of Aigues-Mortes to study the concept of micronations.  Prince Jean Pierre I met with the professor and students answering their questions and discussing the micronational movement.